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  • Who needs a pen? A new txtFeeder Feature (Oct 19, 2009)
    I am proud to announce a new feature! txtFeeder Notes.  Now, not only will you avoid data charges, but you can now stop carrying pens! Ever been somewhere and needed to jot something down but don’t have a pen?  Now you can just send a text to txtFeeder, and it will save your note. You [...]
  • Helping you avoid data charges for 1 month! (Oct 3, 2009)
    That’s right, we’ve been helping you avoid data charges for 1 month! Today is the 1 month anniversary of the txtFeeder Launch. New users are signing up every day, and giving some good feedback. Heres some things that have been happening here: Message Stats in your account Efficiency increases Feed previews Phone synchronization for better compatibility with a [...]
  • New Feature: Account Usage Statistics (Sep 9, 2009)
    You’ll notice on the your account page, you have a new tab called ’stats’! View your monthly stats. I got some feedback from users who don’t have unlimited text messages, so to help them avoid going over their monthly limit, I’ve now included statistics. Using this service is meant to avoid data charges on your [...]
  • txtFeeder Beta Launch! (Sep 5, 2009)
    txtFeeder is open for use! Join Now and begin reading feeds on your mobile! Its easy to set up, and can save you a great deal of money on data charges from your mobile carrier! Read How txtFeeder Works to see how easy it is!
  • Share Feeds! (Jun 5, 2009)
    Still not open for Beta testing, however, I have added a more ‘community’ like feature. You can now share your feeds with everyone else, search through others’ shared feeds, as well as see other users’ profiles and which feeds they are sharing. I don’t plan on adding much more ‘community’ type features, but its definitely [...]
  • Final Feature additions before a possible Beta Release (May 10, 2009)
    I’ve finally got some better administrative features going on. Drag and Drop feed re-organization is functioning pretty well, and now, I’m happy to announce you can now search for feeds (using Google’s AJAX API). Should make the experience a lot nicer, and will keep me happy with it for a while. Hoping to get things officially [...]
  • New Commands and Faster processing! (Apr 17, 2009)
    New commands have been added, as well as alternative commands. There are a few alternative commands, to help reduce the amount of texts having to be sent, because you forgot the exact command. It’s saved me a lot of time during testing, because I keep swapping the order of some of the words, only to [...]
  • txtFeeder Functional! (Apr 4, 2009)
    I am happy to announce a preliminary alpha version of txtFeeder is now functional. Basic features, include the following SMS commands: feed list feed 1 read 1a Administration includes adding feeds by URL only. The response time is approximately 2-3 minutes, as the server is processing messages every 2 minutes. New features to be added soon, including new commands, [...]
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